“Public liability insurance – Do you know what that is and does your swim school have it?

Swimming Insurance

A recent survey by the STA found that a staggering 67% of parents didn’t know what it was or that their chosen swimming company should have it nor have checked to see if they have!!

I guess unless you own your own business, you may never have heard of it and if you are going to a local swimming school you would assume that they have it.  The long and short is it is required by any company that sells a service to the public i.e swimming lessons.  This includes anyone taking lessons from ‘a friend’ who is a swimming instructor. Every swimming instructor should have their own insurance and the company should have public liability insurance.

Not something you would have thought to look into when choosing a swimming company for your children is it?

So have peace of mind and choose SWM today

We have £10,000,000 public liability insurance cover in place.  Just another step we take to looking after our swimmers!”