Pool Rules

Before entering the pool swimmers must:

Not have eaten one hour before swimming
Remove all Jewellery
Go to the toilet
Blow their nose
Tie long hair back
Have a shower
All swim hats, goggles should be in place and correctly fitted before lessons begin

General Rules :

No running
No diving
No boisterous behavior
Swimmers with contagious illnesses ( i.e. measles, conjunctivitis, Covid.) must refrain from swimming
Swimmers with colds and or ear infections are advised to refrain from swimming
Children must be supervised at all times
Children are not permitted to wander around the pool grounds
No eating or drinking poolside
No footwear to be worn poolside (Pool shoes are permissible)
All spectators must keep clear of the pool edge
Facilities must be left clean and tidy
All disposable nappies are to be taken home
The use of talcum powder is not permitted
Speed limits must be adhered to where indicated
Drive with extreme caution
Cars are parked at the owner's risk
All belongings are left at the owner's risk

Swimming equipment including water woggles, floats, armbands, goggles and swim caps are not supplied by Swim-With-Me and must be supplied by the Parent/Guardian.