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We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with swimmers and their families, creating a safe, warm and encouraging environment.

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Our Swimming Lessons

Come discover the world of swimming lessons with Swim-With-Me! We make learning to swim fun and exciting. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer. Our swim school is full of energy and ready to meet your needs.

Swim-With-Me emerged as a remarkable swim school in 2003, born from the vision of Tracie and Jean-Michel, who established their inaugural pool in Colchester. Fueled by their passion for swimming, the duo quickly attracted avid swimmers from far and wide, leading to a surge in demand for their exceptional teaching methods. In response, Swim-With-Me underwent significant expansion, transforming their school into a vibrant hub of aquatic activity.

Today, Swim-With-Me stands as a formidable presence, with multiple locations spanning Hertfordshire, London, and Essex. Boasting seven pools and plans for further expansion, the school maintains its unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding swimming experiences. What sets Swim-With-Me apart is their relentless dedication to excellence. Tracie and Jean-Michel also accomplished tutors, ensure that their instructors receive top-tier training, aligning with the highest industry standards. As Swim-With-Me continues to make waves in the world of swimming education, their legacy of passion, expertise, and exceptional teaching methods remains the cornerstone of their success.

Meet The Team

Swim-With-Me is a team of friendly, professional swimming Instructors who are passionate about helping you reach your goals.  Each instructor has their own unique set of skills and experience and are committed to ensuring you learn to swim in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment.

Why choose Swim-With-Me?

Because we have the qualities and qualifications that set us apart!

Want To Open A Swim School?

Launch your own swim school venture by becoming a member of the Swim With Me Franchise. We have been honoured with the prestige award of the top swim school in the Home Counties and have franchise chances throughout the United Kingdom.