International Learn To Swim Programme

Dive into the International Learn To Swim Programme and unlock the wonders of swimming! It’s a journey that brings joy, builds confidence, and creates lifelong memories. Get ready to make a splash and embark on many wet and wild adventures!

Our Swim Programme

Welcome to the incredible world of the International Learn To Swim Programme, where aquatic adventures and learning collide in the most splash-tastic way! Imagine a place where water transforms into a playground of possibilities, where kids of all ages dive into excitement and make waves of progress.

In this aquatic wonderland, the International Learn To Swim Programme is a magical journey that takes aspiring swimmers on a fantastic quest to conquer the art of swimming. Guided by experienced instructors, children are immersed in a world where fun and safety go hand in hand.

As our little swimmers embark on their aquatic odyssey, they’ll uncover the secrets of buoyancy, the power of strokes, and the joy of gliding through the water like graceful dolphins. Each lesson is a treasure trove of discovery, where bubbles become friends, and splashing becomes a symphony.

Whether you’re looking to improve your swimming abilities for personal safety or to compete at a higher level, the ILSP has everything you need to take your skills to the next level.

Our programme is designed to ensure that every child learns at their own pace and enjoys every moment of their aquatic expedition. With interactive games, playful challenges, and a sprinkle of magic, the International Learn To Swim Programme turns swimming lessons into an unforgettable adventure.

But it’s not just about having a whale of a time; safety is our number one priority. Children learn vital water safety skills, from understanding the importance of lifeguards to knowing how to float and tread water. They become aquatic superheroes, equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the waters with ease.

Why choose Swim-With-Me?

Because we have the qualities and qualifications that set us apart!

STArfish Series Baby Water Safety

Ages – 1-3 years
A specially designed series of six awards, this program is meticulously crafted to provide the best possible water adventure for babies. The program emphasizes fun and safety and provides a well-rounded experience that is geared toward building confidence and teaching essential safety skills. On completion of the STArfish series swimmers will move on to the STAnley series.

STAnley Series First Steps

Ages 3 years+
An opportunity to learn fundamental swimming techniques and safety skills. The program is structured in seven consecutive awards that are not only educational but also thrilling. Each level builds upon the previous one, and by the end of the program, learners will have not only gained confidence but also developed their swimming techniques. On completion of the STAnley series swimmers will move onto the Goldfish Series.

Octopus Series

Ages 5 years+
This program offers a unique set of three progressive awards that have been thoughtfully crafted to meet the needs and abilities of children aged 5 to 8. Designed with safety as a top priority your child will have the opportunity to develop their swimming skills, gain confidence in the water, and learn about water safety in an exciting and supportive environment. Upon completing the Octopus series swimmers will move on to the Goldfish series.

Goldfish Series

For those who have successfully completed either the STAnley Series or Octopus Series, this program is the perfect next step. It offers a set of three progressive awards that build upon the fundamental swimming techniques and safety skills learned in the previous series. Upon completion of the Goldfish series swimmers will be able to swim 15m of recognised strokes and will move on to the Angelfish series.

Angelfish Series

A set of three awards focusing on critical skills, swimming 25m, mastering Butterfly and perfecting sculling and water entries. Building strong swimming skills that provide children with the confidence they need to enjoy a lifetime of swimming. Once completed swimmers will move on to the Shark Series.

Shark Series

Taking swimmers into the realm of water rescue and survival skills this set of three awards will give swimmers a valuable insight on how to safely navigate different water environments.  Working on the finer details of the strokes and introducing starts and turns for competition. Upon completion, swimmers will move on to the Advanced Swimmer Series.

Advanced Swimmer Series

Bronze, Silver and Gold series will work on proficiency in swimming, speed and stamina and introduces swimmers to the world of water polo and synchronised swimming.

Platinum Award

The ILSP reaches its pinnacle by combining essential survival and rescue skills with advanced swimming techniques, proficiency in water polo, and synchronized swimming. The Platinum award comprehensive program offers a well-rounded approach to swimming education, emphasising not only technique and speed but also endurance and the ability to excel in team sports.

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