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We are a certified, STAmark Gold award winning swim school located and operating within London. Swim With Me are ecstatic to be able to offer the best and most cost effective swimming instruction in and around London. We are able to cater with all age groups and abilities, from a young as 3 years old, we are the only choice worth considering. We maintain a high success rate, but we are also proud to be able to provide an enjoyable experience along the way. All of our instructors are able to maintain a professional yet friendly attitude towards your success and you will always be our highest priority.

Why Use Swim With Me?

Swim With Me is a family run business operating in and around the London area. We are STAmark accredited, with a high level of reputation. Quality assured with 10+ years of experience under our belts, we are proud to be able to offer small sessions, containing up to 6 swimmers, which enables us to be able to offer a one-to-one feeling experience, whilst still swimming with others. Swim With Me operates a closed-pool policy, ensuring that each of our swimming lessons are ran in a closed-off swimming pool, so that you have the entire pool to yourselves, reducing the anxiety levels of feeling like you are being observed by more confident swimmers.

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Swimming Lessons London


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