Learning to Swim is one of the few things that is a vital skill for every human on the plant and one that could one day end up saving you or your child’s life or the lives of others some day. We would all love to be born with that love of water but sometimes it takes our little ones a little time to get used to loving their time in the pool and being excited to go swimming.

We thought we would put together some helpful tips for you to set your child up for success in their swimming lessons. Here’s our top 5 tips to encourage your child to take that first step to becoming a super confident swimmer.

1. Use Motivating Words

It is imperative to be always encouraging, even if they are struggling a little with a new environment.  The use of positive and inspiring words is always a great way to encourage any progress your child is making and it should be given at the start and at the end of lessons. Help them focus on the fun things they’ve experienced in the pool. Learning a new skill can be not only very daunting but can be just as frustrating for kids so remember to keep a good focus on how far they’ve come already!

2. Make Swim Lessons Fun

Use your social media platforms and share the fun of swimming lessons with their friends and family. Ask if you can take a photo (safeguarding) whilst they are in their lesson or doing a particular skill and send them to grandma and grandpa.  Getting feedback and praise of other loved ones can help your child see the difference they’ve made. Do they have cousins or siblings that could join Swim-With-Me for a session? They may even be able to attend the same class and make it more fun. Making friends is always difficult for the first time in a new environment so encourage them to get to know the swimmers in their class.

3. Let them do it in their own time

Sometimes getting a reluctant swimmer into the water for the first few times can be stressful. Just remember to keep as calm as possible and take a deep breath (both you and your child) to release any frustrations and stress. Children pick up on these emotions and so keeping calm and positive will just reassure them that it is all ok and you will see them take a step forward.  Forcing them will only make things worse so work with the instructor and they will be in the pool before you know it.

4. Take them swimming

You can help your child’s progress in lessons by going swimming as a family outside of the lessons. More time in the pool will enhance their learning progress so let them safely show off what they’ve learned so far. Play games with them and have fun whilst reinforcing the skills they’ve learned in other locations will help your child feel more confident in their next lesson!

5. Feel they are stuck on something?

Looking for some advice on how to help your swimmer with something they are finding particularly difficult or want some advice on equipment to use?  Well, your instructor is your number 1 resource at your swimming lesson. They may be able to recommend complimentary equipment or give you some tips based on their experiences teaching that will help your child enjoy swim lessons more. We are are always there for you if you need help. 

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