Our Testimonials

Swim-With-Me has a way of bringing out the best

My children love swimming lessons with David, he has a way of bringing the best out of them. Very focused, patient and attentive to their needs and personalities. They have made great progress in what seems very little time. I am so glad I changed to swim-with-me, every instructor we have had has been so nice and friendly and allow the children to progress at their own pace while challenging them to succeed.

Vanessa Osbourn

Just want to say how much I have enjoyed working with SWM

Just want to say how much I have enjoyed working with SWM. I have really appreciated all your support and encouragement in helping me become a better and more confident teacher. You have been so supportive to work for and I can honestly say in all my years of swimming teaching I have never before been given so much input and help with my career. I wish you all the very best for the future and thank you once again for everything.

Catherine Jaramillo

Taking the time to understand me has given me the confidence in the water

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your kindness, and in understanding me, and taking so much time in giving me the confidence in the water.


I would recommend Swim-With-Me to anyone

Freya has done so well with you and is now a confident swimmer. Due to financial constraints we have to stop here. I would recommend swim with me to anyone and have been impressed with all involved. Thanks


Thank you to all the teachers from Phoebe

I would like to say a big thank you to Andre for teaching Phoebe, and her swimming has improved so much, which is due to his input, and not forgetting Charlie, and Lotte who met Phoebe initially. I wish you all the best.

Judith Sutton

Each child’s need is identified. You get what you pay for and more

My 2children have been swimming with SWM since the age of 3 & 4 every week. They are now aged 10 & 11 they have had many different teachers who have all been fantastic and a credit to Tracie & JJ. Obviously very carefully selected. My children are very strong swimmers where strokes are now getting to perfection. Before finding SWM I put my children into lessons with other organisations; I pulled them out of each one I tried after 1 lesson. The main things that stand out to me about them is the discipline to ensure the children’s safety in the water. Classes are small. Each child’s need is identified and corrected within the lesson. You get what you pay for and more. We are well communicated to and there is obviously a lot of dedication gone into this. I have and will continue to recommend this company. It was a very sad day when I saw my children swim for their last lesson for a while due to the Academy closing for a while as they have swam every week since an early age. Unfortunately due to the level they are now at there are no deep water pools available for them to swim, so we will wait until they are able to go back to the Academy with swim with me. In the meantime we will just get them doing fun water games or swimming lengths to try and maintain strength until they can continue to excel with you. They still have lots to learn which they really enjoy. Thank you to all that have taught Oliver & Toby. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Aleasha Coan

Teaching is structured and progressive.

I am very happy with my daughters lessons at Colchester. The teaching is structured and progress is obvious but the teachers are very friendly and nice to the children. They also use fun activities to develop swimming skills. Laura has helped make my daughter into a confident swimmer who enjoys her lessons every week.

Rebecca Davies

Hamzah’s lessons are really fun with great teaching methods

I’m extremely pleased with Hamzahs new instructor Leon , he makes the lessons really fun whilst having a really good teaching method for Hamzah .he gets in the water to make site he gets it right ..wish you all the best …


Very happy after moving to Swim-With-Me

We moved our daughter here from another school because the ratios were much better and we had heard good recommendations from friends. Since she has been swimming here, she has improved enormously and has already moved up a class. We can hear the instruction from our viewing seats and the quality is great, with explanation, demonstration and repetition of the key points. Very happy!

Heidi Hemmings

Extreme value for money compared to others

Both of my children have been taught by Swim With Me for many years. Their progression has steadily increased over this time, and their instructors have always given them encouragement to improve their skills. Another plus point is that the fees are extremely competitive in comparison to other local swimming clubs!

Mrs Swift

A big thank you to SWM

Would like to say a big thank you to SWM for teaching both of my children to swim. My daughter is really starting to get to grips with technique and build her stamina and my son has recently swam without any water aids which is a great achievement as he was very nervous about the water and getting his head wet when he started. Mike is a great teacher and both my children think he’s brilliant!


Swim With Me have been so accommodating

From booking to the actual classes. Swim with me have been so accommodating. The teacher has been so attentive to my son and made him feel comfortable and confident. Would highly recommend! You can definitely see the ethos of team work and children come first 🙂


4 years old and swimming unaided

My daughter loves attending her weekly swimming class. She likes her teacher and is doing really well. She used to be fearful of swimming backwards but now she enjoys it. She has attending from 4 months and is now 4 and swims without armbands. She will be doing lengths in no time. Thank you.

K Wright

Probably the BEST decision I have ever made

After a year of my son being terrified of his swimming lessons (mainly his teacher), I happened to hear about Swim-With-Me lessons held locally. Although apprehensive as I really felt maybe I should leave the lessons for a while to help my sons confidence grow, I enrolled with anticipation. This was probably the BEST decision I have ever made. Small classes with a teacher who was actually in the pool with the students and not standing on the side yelling as previously. The teacher is patient, yet firm and ALWAYS supportive with encouragement and praise. My seven year old is now happy to be in the water, confident to try different swimming strokes and above all very keen to get to his swimming lessons! Anyone who has experienced a child who is afraid of the water should definitely give Swim-With-Me a go.. to see my son laughing and enjoying the water.. well there isn’t a price you can put on that.

Caroline Jones

Our four children under your care 🙂

We have always held Swim-With-Me in high regard. All your team, whether swim coaches, assistants or admin, have always been friendly, approachable and efficient. You may not be aware but on the odd times a different staff member has taken or assisted a class, it has not unsettled our children at all. This is a credit to you and your staff for the family feel that Swim-With-Me provides. We are extremely happy with our four children swimming under your care – your team takes the time to know them and treat them as individuals, and consequently all our children go into the pool happy and come out happier. As a parent, that makes me smile 🙂

Turpin family

Lauren has done a wonderful job with our children

When both our children (Lily-Mae and Joseph) started swimming lessons, they were very nervous. They both clung onto the side of the pool (or teacher!) and wouldn’t let go. However, Lauren has done a wonderful job with both of them by building their confidence at the same time as teaching them important skills. We were particularly worried that we had started Josephs lessons too soon, but with the right amount of patience and persuasion, Lauren has got Joseph loving his swimming lessons!

Chris Anderton

Lessons may well end up saving my son’s life

My son, Isaac, loves his swimming lessons. I am amazed with his progress from paddler to being able to swim a few metres with no arm bands within the first months! He responds very nicely to Laura’s teaching (At Mark’s Tey Lifestyle club) and we look forward to lots more lessons. Swimming is such an important life skill, which may well end up saving my son’s life at some point in the future. Swim-With-Me is better value than other lessons I looked at and the classes are smaller. Win-win. 🙂

Rebecca Morris

My son was so nervous but now loves his lessons

My son has been having his lessons with Kate for 2 terms now and is going from strength to strength. He was so nervous and had no confidence in the water at all but now he loves his lessons and responds so well to Kate. Keep up the good work.

Julie Billimore

Exemplary encouragement through Oliver’s health constraints.

Just a quick note to say thank you to Cheryl and Andre for the positive and considerate way they have encouraged and improved Oliver’s swimming. After the best part of 9 months undergoing intensive chemotherapy, the gentle manner with which he was coaxed back into the water and immediately made huge improvements in confidence, technique and ability has been significant. Considering that Oliver is still only half way through his treatment for Leukaemia, the care taken in motivating and encouraging Oliver yet working within his health constraints is exemplary. The complete undisguisable joy with which Oliver will launch himself into the pool and the enjoyment he gains from swimming is due to the superb quality instruction that he receives. The progress Oliver is making in beating the cancer is complimented by the swimming and for that we thank you.


Nervous to swimming a length in no time at all

My daughter has been with Swim-with-me for nearly two years now. She has gone from being very nervous, and she wouldn’t even let go of my arm in the water, to a confident, happy swimmer. She can now dive down to the bottom of the pool, swim a length on her own and jump in with confidence. She loves her swimming lessons and really looks forward to them all week. Her teacher, Kate, is fun but firm and good at keeping a group of lively children in line!


Patient, kind, encouraging teachers

My daughter started out aged five as a complete non swimmer. She’s now a confident seven year old swimmer. Every teacher and teaching assistant that we’ve met has been patient, kind, encouraging and just firm enough to push the children on when they’re worried. My daughter loves her teacher Kate, but isn’t worried on the rare occasions that Kate is away as she knows that all the school’s teachers are equally lovely.

Sarah Woodcock

Swim-With-Me lessons have certainly paid off

Great teaching. We recently came back from holiday and the weekly lessons have certainly paid off. My son Dylan was very confident in the pools and the sea. Most of all – I am happy with the safety skills he has learnt whilst having fun. Keep doing what you are doing!

Jagrup Kaur

Great swim school!

Great swim school! Kate is a fab teacher and my son has come on leaps and bounds since joining!!


Always teaching more and more

My daughter has been at swim with me for about 2 years and she really enjoys her lessons. She is such a confident swimmer and the teachers are always encouraging and teaching them more and more techniques.

Aimee Ardiles

We are so happy with the progress they have made

We have a 6 year old and a 5 year old attending group lessons weekly for the past 2-3 years. They both love going. We are so happy with the progress they have made, our 6 year old is now swimming and our 5 year is really close to doing so too. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Julia O'Donnell

Hayden talks about his teacher all the time

My son has been swimming with swim-with-me for a year now, he was very confident as has been swimming since he was 8 weeks old. These lessons were without me in the pool with him and he took to Lauren his teacher really well. Haydens swimming is really improving and he is getting better at the techniques. Plus he absolutely loves it and talks about Lauren all the time. Highly recommended

Yasmin marsh

Swimming throughout the year

My son was a late starter learning to swim as he was very nervous and hated getting his face wet. Because of this as soon as my daughter was three we also signed her up. They have both been swimming with Swim-with-me for the last 2 years. My son is much more confident, diving, jumping and can now swim at least 10m on his own. Quite an accomplishment considering his first lesson was just about getting him into the pool. What I liked most are the small class sizes and the fact that classes continue throughout most of the year. This has really paid dividends in both their confidence and has meant swimming is more pleasure than chore!

Dawn Pack

We have never looked back…

We started taking lessons with Swim With Me over a year ago when my son was just six months old. We have never looked back! It is safe to say that Friday is our favourite day of the week because it is swimming lesson day. Charles and I both have lots of fun and his confidence in the water has clearly grown over time. Mandy is a wonderful instructor who has a lovely rapport with all the children. We honestly couldn’t ask for anything better.

Clare Williams

Professionally run with excellent staff

Great club. Professionally run with excellent staff. My son Ethan enjoys his lessons and all the children in his class have great fun. Any queries made to the head office are always answered promptly. Highly recommended.

Matthew Woraker

Going from strength to stength

Both my daughter and son have come along way since starting in september for the 1st time with Tracie they absolute love swimmimg and look forward to going every Monday. They both started in bottom group to then be moved up the next week and have both gone from strength to strength my daughter is now for the next class which is awesome! I totally love how tracie deals with the children when they may be losing a bit of focus. Excellent swim company and hope to stay untill bobbi and jaydon do not need anymore. Thank you all the Swim With Me team!

kayleigh hobbs

Excellent confidence building teaching

From a very nervous 4 year old on the first day I was amazed Kate even got our daughter in the water on her own. But the style of teaching is just the right balance fun structured swimming activities but firm encouragement. Learning to swim is so much about confidence and Kate gives constant reassurance that as long as you try you will get better every time. This gives the children confidence that she is in control and they need to trust her. You only need to go a couple of times to see the results!


Remarkable progress

We have been with SWM for 7 years now from when our eldest son was a mere 12 weeks old. Joshua loves his lessons with Andre and is improving technique week in week out. Tracie and JJ were superb in the transition from parent and child class to child only lessons. Their support and expertise enabled both Joshua and Noah transition from baby pool to big pool which now seems so long ago but I will never forget the skill with which they were able to focus the boys and give them the confidence they needed to swim in big pool. Noah has made remarkable progress in Jasmines class who keeps it varied and exciting for the children which keeps them so keen each week. Cynthia who has recently joined has really bonded well with Julie and already you can see the progress she is making. I cannot fault SWM in the years I have been with them. The class sizes are key and have always been kept low which gives the teachers more time to focus on each individual child. Fantastic all round.

Pauline Mannion

Supportive and Nurturing environment

Swimming is such a valuable life skill so it was so important to find the right class for my son Noah. Swim with Me have provided a supportive and nurturing environment and helped Noah’s confidence in the water grow from strength to strength. Tracey was an excellent introduction to a swimming lesson. They are excellent at assessing needs and progressing children which is only a small element of their success. We are thrilled with the results so far and can’t wait to see the rest of his journey with the help, support and encouragement that the teachers, support staff and other children bring to every lesson. Thank you SWM!

Amy St Ledger

Highly recommended

Both my daughters have swimming lessons with Kate, they truly enjoy their classes and have both excelled in their swimming abilities. I would highly recommend swim with me.

Katy Williams

Small groups, intensive attention

“My boys have been going for 5 years”.  Well trained teachers & good location. I had my oldest boys start then they were able to work with me & had both the boys swimming together making my life easy. They have a small group in each class , so you child gets one to one attention in there swimming. My boys enjoyed swimming & swim-with-me has encouraged them to be independent swimmers.

Manisha katechia

Engaging and fun

My son loves his swimming lessons. Yas is a great teacher and keeps them engaged and having fun for the entire time. He looks forward to it every week.


Great Easter Crash Course

Dear all

I hope you all had a great Easter break. I just wanted to offer some feedback about Lucy and Kate from yesterday’s first intensive course at lifestyle. The complete beginners class was not an easy one with several very nervous, anxious and upset little swimmers. Lucy and Kate were the consummate professionals. They were encouraging, supportive and reassuring and kept their heads during some very challenging (and noisy!) times.

Matilda and Noah are thriving under their supportive and encouraging eye and I hope that continues and that it also happens for the other little ones who were so distressed yesterday, I have no doubt that both ladies will have converted them into little fish by the end of the week and I look forward to seeing their progress.

Many thanks