My 2children have been swimming with SWM since the age of 3 & 4 every week. They are now aged 10 & 11 they have had many different teachers who have all been fantastic and a credit to Tracie & JJ. Obviously very carefully selected. My children are very strong swimmers where strokes are now getting to perfection. Before finding SWM I put my children into lessons with other organisations; I pulled them out of each one I tried after 1 lesson. The main things that stand out to me about them is the discipline to ensure the children’s safety in the water. Classes are small. Each child’s need is identified and corrected within the lesson. You get what you pay for and more. We are well communicated to and there is obviously a lot of dedication gone into this. I have and will continue to recommend this company. It was a very sad day when I saw my children swim for their last lesson for a while due to the Academy closing for a while as they have swam every week since an early age. Unfortunately due to the level they are now at there are no deep water pools available for them to swim, so we will wait until they are able to go back to the Academy with swim with me. In the meantime we will just get them doing fun water games or swimming lengths to try and maintain strength until they can continue to excel with you. They still have lots to learn which they really enjoy. Thank you to all that have taught Oliver & Toby. We look forward to seeing you soon.