Swimming With Autism

Children and adults with autism can have difficulty with social communication and interaction, often displaying restricted and repetitive behaviours and interests. They may also have learning disabilities, experience sensory sensitivity and feel more comfortable having a set routine. Research suggests that children with Autism may have an increased risk of drowning, as in many cases they flee to an unknown place to seek isolation, which is why teaching them to swim is so vitally important.

Exercise can really help those with autism as it improves their attention span, helps to ease repetitive behaviour and it acts as a positive social outlet. Also, as is the case for anyone taking part in regular physical activity, the risk of developing health conditions in later life is reduced. Instructors must learn to adapt their teaching methods to suit the unique challenges of each individual, all the while maintaining a calm and supportive environment. This may involve visual aids, step-by-step demonstrations and the inclusion of a pupil’s special interest in order to keep their attention focused on the lesson. Each lesson is carefully planned out in advance with simple routines, and the levels of sensory stimulation will be taken into account for each pupil’s own special requirements.

Swim-With-Me is a small, family run swim school that provides students with a magical swimming experience, under the guidance of our qualified STA and ASA instructors. We pride ourselves on our ability to help nervous swimmers become more confident in the water, with a particular focus on safety at all times. As a Gold STA Mark accredited company, we demonstrate the highest levels of competence in the provision of swimming lessons throughout Essex. Class sizes are kept small to help support the development of confident and competent swimmers. There are so many benefits of swimming for those with autism, so for professional and compassionate tuition Swim-With-Me is your number one choice!