Tracie Jack Operations Director

Everyone’s first reaction when you tell them you are a swimming instructor is that you must be physically fit…after all you teach people to swim. In reality after spending most of our working lives being in the water there are not many that actually then want to swim for pleasure…..Me being one of them!! Then about a year ago my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to start an adult’s water polo team one evening a week.

Each and every week we watched as our team of members grew and grew, watching how they developed their skills both in swimming and water polo. It was a fantastic time for everyone and whilst enjoying what we were doing we were hoping to get fit too.  Who would have thought it; it was then that I found my passion to actually swim for pleasure. However, you see not only had I not really wanted to swim after being in the water teaching for so long each week I really was not fit and my asthma had never been in control which meant that doing any sports just made things worse. When I started playing water polo I found myself so out of breath all the time that I knew it was time to get my asthma sorted. A couple of visits to the doctors and things were on the up.

It started with a friend and I just attempting to complete a few lengths each week and it just grew and grew. Before we knew it we were up to the 50 lengths stage and we both felt really good at the achievement; losing weight as we went along was just the cherry on the top.Pushing and pushing ourselves I decided to set a goal for myself and my friend was up for the challenge too, before Christmas we were to swim a mile together in the pool. That meant in the pool that we were using to swim it was going to be over 107 lengths!!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my friend and I, last week during our usual swim session we achieved our goal……………….110 lengths in 50 minutes and 5 WEEKS EARLY.

I don’t get out of breath now and I feel fitter than I have felt since I was 30 years old!!

Who would have thought it was there under my nose the whole time………………………………..