Private Pool Langham

Our Private Pool in Langham, Colchester, Essex is very prestige and full of luxury.  It is a great venue if you are looking for a super small class as we only have 4 children in a class at a time.

The pool is great for private lessons too,  especially if you are looking to be away from the crowds and others watching you.

We have complete use of the facilities for our lessons so no general public swimming at the same time  – just our classes.

The venue can also be hired for private use ;  just you the Pool, the Jacuzzi and the Sauna !!


Langham private pool

  • Exclusive Private pool

  • Exceptional quality facilities

  • Warm and clean environment

  • Peaceful & Calming venue

  • 4 swimmers max per class

  • 2 classes max per session

To make your booking please call 03455 578803

Langham private pool

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