Our Swimming Lessons

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Accelerated 1:1 Learning

At Swim-with-Me we teach children and adults to be safe and have fun in water through our magical swimming lessons. We engage with our swimmers by learning their individual needs and inspiring them to achieve their goals through sensitivity, compassion and knowledge.

Our swimming instructors are highly trained in transferring their confidence and knowledge to their swimmers and work closely with them to achieve trust from the very beginning.

We specialise in teaching the nervous beginners by establishing water confidence at an accelerated rate, which in turn leads to early development of swimming.

Through continual assessment of our swimmers we award certificates and badges which have a resounding effect on development, motivation and enthusiasm.  Teaching our swimmers using current and relevant, practices, that are set to be achievable and realistic, helps them to understand what is required of them.

Across our small classes we guarantee that each lesson is full of specific content for each and every learner’s development and that they leave their lesson excited about their next.

Make your booking and have fun with Swim-With-Me!

Tracie & Jean-Michel