Adult & Child Swimming Lessons

Parent & child swimming lessonsThere can never be a more appropriate time for you to introduce swimming into your child’s life than when they are babies. Every child learns from their parents as soon as they are born, repeating what they are taught and shown.

Through our Adult & Child swimming classes we will show you how to maximize the benefits of taking your baby swimming with you and show you the safest way to enjoy those times, from the way that you hold your baby through to introducing the early techniques of swimming.

One to one adult and baby support, develops trust and confidence even in deeper water. This along with the absence of flotation aids enables toddlers to experience their own buoyancy level and swim comfortably below the water surface. Water is extremely enabling for babies, due to its weightless properties. It allows tremendous freedom of movement, exercising a multitude of muscle groups, strengthening both the heart and lungs, this in turn stimulates appetite leading to improved sleep and eating patterns in babies.

Using techniques based on play, word association, popular nursery rhymes and lots of smiles helps you to instil some natural reactions in your baby keeping them safe in and around water right through to adult hood and which can be passed on through family to family.

Swim-With-Me incorporates water safety, free movement, structured play, exercise to music, and guidance in physical and educational development throughout its Adult and Child swimming lessons that will start your little one on their journey of discovery.

We hold Adult & Child classes at the following venues:

Lifestyle Health Club, Colchester CO6 1DU

Colchester Academy Sports Centre, Colchester CO4 3JL

Amwell View School, Ware SG12 8EH

For prices and more information on Adult & Child swimming lessons please contact us