Junior Lifeguard Academy

STA’s Junior Lifeguard Academy is a survival and rescue training programme that has been specifically created for young people aged from 8 years (for the aquatic programmes, learners must be able to swim 50 metres continuously unaided).

The fun-packed programme offers something for everyone; from lifeguarding skills and first aid, to boogie boarding, ocean awareness, distance, sports skills and health and wellbeing.

  • Learners work at their own pace; there is no set timetable or deadline to complete the programme – instructors have the flexibility to schedule them in to lessons in any order
  • Knowledge is reinforced through fun games
  • All the missions and challenges are progressive – learners earn colourful, age-appropriate certificates as they complete set parts of the programme
  • Many of the skills do not have to be completed in a swimming pool and can be done at home, club, school or even online.

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