pool alarmAs a swimming instructor we are always passionate about the safety of all children in and around water. And by this we don’t just mean those in our lessons but those we see everywhere! Ask any instructor if they relax totally around the swimming pool on holiday when there are children around!!

We all should be adhering to the pool rules wherever we go because there is a very valid reason why they have been created; but what happens to those lucky people with swimming pools at home? Do they find the need for pool rules? And do regularly teach their children to abide by them?

Not only should this be paramount but everyone with a swimming pool at home should have a pool alarm in the water. Not many people know about these inexpensive devices but there are so many around that you can purchase for as little as £35.00. They work on water displacement technology and can be linked to your home so they send out a loud siren both at the pool and to your home up to 200ft away. Some of them also send out the alarm when there is an unplanned removal of the device from the pool.


• Children ages 1 to 4 years have the highest drowning rates.

• 30% of children 1 to 4 years old who died from an unintentional injury, actually died from drowning.

• Most of those were in home swimming pools.

These numbers are far too high and we could all help to reduce them just by following the pool rules and making someone you know, who has a home swimming pool, aware of these very simple devices. Help save a life!!