If your child is nervous

We recommend you arrive anything up to 30 minutes early so that you can sit with your child and watch the class beforehand. If there is a couple of weeks before you start why not bring them along to see the class that they will be joining. Seeing familiar faces when they attend their first lesson is always a help even if they do not know the others in the class until they start. Because swimming pools can be quite daunting for young children that do not have much water experience it is very important to remain calm and positive. Feel free to call our office beforehand to talk through any concerns and do not be afraid to ask for help.

We have years of experience with nervous children and have come across many different situations in the past - from children that scream for the duration of the lesson to those children that are super confident on holiday but refuse to get in for a lesson. It is not uncommon for a normally confident child to be scared in the water.

Please expect your child to possibly take a few weeks to settle into the routine of their lessons to get to know the names of their new classmates and familiarise themselves with the environment and noise. In time, as with any new adult being introduced, your child will get to know their swimming teacher and learn to trust them.  Most children are quick to adapt and off they go on week one but of course, each child is an individual and will be helped through their lesson accordingly.

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