Attending your first lesson

Arrive in plenty of time to ensure that you are not rushing and raising anxiety in your child, a good calm state of mind before lessons will help introduction to the water and lessons run smoothly. Ensure your swimmer has not eaten a meal in the last hour. You will need swimwear, a towel, a woggle, a float, armbands if necessary, and possibly a swimming hat and goggles. Please view here for your reference.

We recommend a snack and drink after the lesson. Parents should bring some clean flip-flops or be prepared to remove their outdoor footwear. Babies and Toddlers still in nappies should wear a water nappy, which can be purchased from all large supermarkets. We also highly recommend the purchase of a baby/toddler water suit, which means the youngsters stay warm and are less slippery in the water. We recommend the ‘Konfidence‘ suits and these can be ordered through our head office. As we do not carry stock of these they need to be ordered and may take a few days so please make sure you indicate in your booking that you would like one and the size that you require.

Before their lesson please ensure that all children go to the toilet, have blown their noses, and have their hair tied up if necessary. Hats and goggles should be fitted comfortably before the lesson commences so as not to waste time with adjustments during teaching. A good way to help ensure goggles fit correctly beforehand is to let the child wear them at home in the bath and make the necessary adjustments then.

All that remains is to sit back and watch your child enjoy their lesson and learn a lifelong skill with Swim-With-Me.

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