Samantha Payne Swim-With-Me Operations & Communications Administrator

As a parent, do you want the best for your child?

Obviously the answer is yes, otherwise you wouldn’t have made the decision to become a parent. I strive to provide the best for my children by any means necessary and ensuring they can swim is a life skill I was not compromise on.

Learning to swim at a later age can be embarrassing for a child when they have to go in with all the “babies”.  As someone who did not learn to swim until they were 8 years old I have first-hand experience of this.  Naturally when my eldest was born, I was straight down the local swimming pool when he was 3 months old and let me tell you, I was ruthless.  There was none of this “wrapping him in cotton wool” attitude of getting him used to the pool for a few weeks before considering submersion.  Oh no no no, he had no choice – especially not when his Mum, Nan and Granddad were swimming instructors.  Could you imagine: a swimming instructor whose Son/Grandson could not swim!

So his first taste of the swimming life arrives and we get changed and stroll into the pool.  I am looking at him and he seems to like it, splashing his fingers and holding his rubber duck.  10-15 minutes into the session we go for it, no messing about straight into submersion! When he came up with a massive smile on his face, I knew I had made the right choice.  In that moment my son turned into a water confident baby.

3.5 years later and weekly lessons without fail he can do a solid 15M doggy paddle, face in with breathing and is just starting to do front crawl overarm action.  I don’t know many parents that can say that about their nearly 4 year old, but I can and I am so happy that I stuck to my guns and took him at such a young age.  Watching him in the water brings so much joy to me and anyone that watches him as he truly loves being in the water.

Now who wouldn’t want that for their child??  ……… watch the video below